Artist Statement 

 Artistic Mediums: Canvas Paintings, Airbrushing on Canvas and Vehicles, Trompe l’oeil, Specialty Wall and Ceiling Finishes, Chalkboard Art, Fabric Art


          In business since 1993 Maella has many articles in the newspapers about the work she is doing at Alzheimers’ Care Facilities and was honoured to take part in the redesign of Ronald McDonald House , where she painted 12 murals throughout the home. She is the company artist for The Wired Monk Coffee Houses and works with a few designers throughout the lower mainland.

Originally known as “Hole in the Wall” Artistic Design in Fort Langley, she was able to create a solid client base.  Maella is able to use many mediums to create beautiful works of art.

                         Magic. It is everywhere. In the hugs that we exchange to the scenery in our surroundings, the smell of fresh baked bread or the smile we give a stranger.All these magic moments enhance ones soul and stir emotions to create memories that last a lifetime.


                         Art is captured magic that will call to you, touch your soul and stir your deepest emotions, enabling you to return to the special moment whenever you want or need to.

  Each day brings new beginnings and new adventures, and with it, another chance to radiate the magic we all possess.


                        To share this magic excites me. To tickle someones soul with expressions of life is the greatest gift I can give you.

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