Canvas :

The magnificence of the human form ……


The eyes that shine the beauty of the soul

The wise unspoken words that lay in the creases and wrinkles of the aged face….

The innocence of the child – wide eyed and still so close to source

       My goal is to go beyond the physical form and capture the beauty of spirit and how, even with scars, the strength of spirit still shines, reminding us all of the magic of the journey, and the connection we all possess.

      The monochromatic colour palette sets a backdrop of vulnerability and purity to the subject, allowing the story to shine without interruption. There, one can collect the inspiration, the emotion, the life and the magic.

The feather series……

I have always had a great connection to feathers, not really questioning why and not really caring what kind. People used to drop off bags of feathers to my shop in Fort Langley. I had never met them but there was always a note attached – Funny how they seemed to know my attraction for them.

               As I have matured and my connection to source and to spirit has grown, the symbolic message of the feather has become more clear.

             The air, the gentleness of the breeze, the powerful force of the wind and the life giving breath are all symbolic images of the feather. The connection to source & to angels also come to mind. It is amazing how the simple beauty of the feather can remind us to breathe, and to trust, for it is there we shall find wisdom and freedom.

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