As Time Marches On

So now... Having lost pretty much everything in the divorce..... with no job .... what could I do?? I dreaded the idea of a "regular" 9 to 5 job and not realizing how much emotional baggage I was carrying around with me, I did try a couple of jobs but they didn't last.

I wasn't happy ... not with myself or the job... I had lost my identity....

A girlfriend inspired me to open a small store in Fort Langley. So I borrowed money from another friend ....bought a very cheap car... only $400..... went to a antique place and bought some cheap furniture, some trunks and trinkets and painted murals all over the walls and doors .... I painted a trench coat hanging on the door, and tree with a bird nest and some birds flying to and from it, some Greek statues, cleaned up all the furniture pieces, painted them and opened the store doors.... I decided to call it "Hole in the Wall" ! because I painted a lot of holes in the wall with stuff going into it or out of it...

A painted hole in the wall with a birds nest and roses

This little store was my life saver... it became my new identity.... People would begin to recognize me as the girl with the art store....

It was very small ... had no heat so in the winter... the toilet would freeze but I loved it... and my clients and the community loved it too. I knew that customers would come if I just took the leap and they did.. People would leave their house keys for me to paint murals on their walls while they were at work.... I wrote poetry and made hand written cards for husbands to give to their love.... I made plaques and painted mailboxes..... Life was good... I mean there was stress.. I had to pay two rents, two light bills, one heat bill and sometimes I had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" but I was finding myself and my talent as well as gathering some very long term clients.... this was in the late 1990's and I still have 2 of those clients today.

There was no real internet then ... We had pagers and pay phones .... the phone book and answering machines. People were just starting to have websites and the computer took a long time to dial up... And me... I really had no concept or understanding of this whole new system.

My girlfriend ran the store for me while I went out and painted . I will never forget my very first job.... I was sooooo nervous that I could hardly breathe and it took me over an hour just to start to draw..... in hindsight ... what a growth experience. Each time I had to go to a new house to create a wonderful piece of work ... the anxiety would become less and less ... I had learned how to take that nervous energy and use it to create. Some of my proudest creations and clients are " The Wired Monk" Coffee House... where I made 3D murals over the fireplaces and did their chalkboard menus. At one time they had 10 stores with 2 in New Brunswick. Another client was a small rodeo company. I would create artwork for their posters and signs and through that connection I met a couple of different staging companies that created backdrops for big events as well as dressed the venue for the event. I created some very large backdrops for their events... the largest one was 40 ft long by 20 ft high.. I also did touch-ups on some of their props ... like wagons , stage coaches etc.

I look back at all those moments now with a smile as I can see all of that were small steps to now...

And as it always does .... Time Marches On!!!!!


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